Sonntag, 10. August 2008

Dota rapidshare

Defense of the Ancients is known as Dota and one of the most popular custom map for Warcraft 3. You are usually not allowed to download dota ingame from other wc3 players as the map itself is relatively big. I can only recommend you to download dota from a free-file hoster such as rapidshare. Rapidshare has the fastest connections and is very handy if you own a so called Premium-Account over there. With that account you can use the maximum bandwidth and download dota faster than ever from rapidshare.

The official Dota mirrors tend to be relatively slow because of the mass downloading. Those hosts do not have that much bandwidth and for rapidshare users it is much better to download Dota using RS. I made a collection of several Dota maps and uploaded the dota versions to a rapidshare download folder.

Click on the link to open the Dota rapidshare folder. Enjoy your fast downloads and pwn other dota players in game :P.

P.S, great to know that there are other rapidshare and dota freaks around :P. Make sure to subscribe to my blogger (blogspot) blog for more cool Dota news. Here is the link to the Dota rapidshare folder.

Dota videos

All of us know, Dota is probably the most advanced custom map for Warcraft 3. Defense of the Ancients is known for it's advanced strategy. To learn the different strategies I tried to collect some Dota videos. Those strategy videos of Dota will instruct you how to use the different heroes correctly. Magina for example, or Syllabear are quite hard to play and require guides. Reading is boring, I must agree, that's why I collected some videos of dota that contain strategic elements . Watching the videos of the Dota heroes might also just inspire you to try something new :-). Those defense of the ancients videos show you what every dota player should now, the customizations and apropriate items make you pwn others. The players in the dota movies know what is best when you for example fight bone fletcher or a drow ranger. They know what strategy is the best and how to upgrade their hero to beat other strong hero. Every hero is good, some dota heroes are harder to play, but still with those short dota clips it should be no problem for you to pick the best items and strategies.

A video of Akasha, queen of pain in Dota:

A dota video with Pudge:

Another video of Dota with Ursa - he solos Roshan:

A demonstration of the good dota hero venomancer:

I collected those videos of Dota from youtube. To play them just click the play button in the middle and enjoy. Feel free to comment an share your strategies.

Mittwoch, 6. August 2008

Dota megaupload

Many people know the problem when downloading Dota maps. It is not allowed to download them in game and requires external dota download sources. You have a 100 mbit connection and download dota from the official website with 5 kb/sec – LOL – you are not alone. I recommend you to get a megaupload premium account, once you have it you an upload and download files with no restrictions. MU is known as the best filehoster with rapidshare. So why not upload dota on megaupload?

That's what I have done, I uploaded several Dota maps on Megaupload so you guys can download them at maximum speed. Nice eh? Yep, even better that megaupload allows fast downloads for free users as well. Just enter the code, save your dota map on your computer and then move dota in your wc3 maps folder. Start Warcraft 3 and join/host a game.

Use the dota megaupload link to download the dota maps directly from rapidshare. And the Dota megaupload folder is.

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

Dota basshunter english

Dota is a synonym for the warcraft 3 custom map Defense of the ancients. It became quite popular, resulting in various videos made about it. This is probably the most popular one - the Dota basshunter English video. It became so popular because it has integrated geek language, making it funny for most of the Wc3 players. This defense of the ancients video by basshunter has integrated english subtitles. Every non Swedish player should be able understand the video about dota by basshunter without any problems. So, enjoy Dota in English!

Did you know that Basshunter has the Tourette syndrome? He had to deal with it his whole childhood. Must be funny to see him once he gets pwned in a dota match.

Dota maps

Why did Icefrogs Defense of the Ancients become so popular? How could a standard, simple warcraft 3 custom map manage to make it into E-Sports television? One reason is the Warcraft 3 natural selection introduced by me on another blog. I would like to give you a brief overview of Dota.

Dota was developed by a person that names himself Icefrog. He began development for fun around 4 years ago, trying to develop a fun map for friends. He had no idea what monster he created. Soon after it became a thriving success. More and more players liked the unique game play with the scourge and sentinel fighting each other. The two teams consist of maximum 5 players each, winning when they destroy the rivaling base. The players only have to use their hero, nothing else. That makes it a lot easier for most of the standard wc3 players to have good micro. In the normal 1on1 gameplay you control an whole army, in DotA only one hero. Nonetheless, you have to be superior in controling your hero or else you can lose easily. You need to know good strategies and what you must do vs. other Dota heroes. Each hero is made for one element. Some are supportive, others are offensive, other defensive. You will need the most suitable items and the best tactic. Dota is not easier than wc3's normal 1on1.

There are two ways of downloading the dota map: Either
Dota allstars downloads or dota rapidshare.

To install the Dota maps you have to open your File-manager and browse to the location of your warcraft 3 installation. On windows the file-manager is named explorer and on Linux konqueror or nautilus. Look for a folder named maps in the wc3 folder. Open it and the following frozen throne maps folder. Then make a folder named 'downloads' if it does not exist yet (without the ' ' just downloads).